We Need An Adult To Intervene In New York

We need someone to step up in New York City to end this childish play for attention by corrupt, power-hungry State Attorney General Letitia James and the cartoon figure Judge Arthur Engoron. This mockery of justice has gone on too long and is now a threat to future businesses operating in New York or even this country. Who would want to invest their good money in a cesspool, lawless New York City? Certainly, nobody who sees options elsewhere, like Tennessee, Texas, or Florida.

James made no secret of the fact she was hellbent on destroying Donald Trump, his family, and his business empire. She openly campaigned and promised New Yorkers that if elected, she would spend every waking minute finding a crime that she could charge and prosecute Donald Trump. James had no evidence of a crime, which didn’t stop this deranged individual. If she could not discover an actual crime, she would fabricate one, and that is precisely what she did with this fraud case.

James filed the charges, then found herself a made-for-TV Judge in Engoran, who was as driven as James to make history by charging Trump for a crime without a victim and then handing down the largest judgment against an individual in the State and Nation’s history. Trump is on the clock to raise $454 Million just to be able to file an appeal against this absurd judgment. The evil Letitia James is salivating, hoping Trump cannot raise the funds so she can start seizing Trump’s property, beginning with the Trump Towers. James thinks it is funny when she says she looks at the building on 5th Avenue and anticipates putting the padlock on the front door.

Letitia James is an evil, ugly person. Not ugly physically, although she is that, too, but hideous in that she is motivated by the destruction of a family that has been an icon of New York City. However, Trump is guilty of one thing: his politics is adverse to AG Letitia James’s.

At this point, James and Engoran have nothing to lose. They are in for a penny, in for a pound. They have already exposed themselves as Democrat hacks who conspired to use the law to violate an individual’s Constitutional rights. They have violated the Eighth Amendment, which was written to protect someone from excessive penalties. The Constitution does not get in the way of people like James and Engoran, even though both took an oath to uphold the most extraordinary document ever written.

If the Appellate Court will not step forward in New York because they are as political and corrupt as the State Courts, then Trump has to get a Federal Judge to put a stay on this foolishness. Foolishness is a kind word for this fiasco. James will not stop. She is drunk on power. You could see that in her eyes every day as she sat in the courtroom, ecstatic to see her plan come to fruition. She will not entertain any request to delay the judgment or reduce the exorbitant penalty. She is going to sleep every night with visions of a homeless Donald Trump, but the final joke may be on her when Trump’s next address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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