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Report: Google Censored Ad Promoting ‘Womanhood’

Last week, The Epoch Times reported on yet another case of censorship involving basic biology as Google allegedly censored an app that promoted “womanhood.” The Times said the ad claimed that “womanhood is a birthright.” Ilan…

Free at Last (Until the Next Time)

“And they’re off,” as the callers of horse races say, but in this case, it means the government will no longer enforce mask mandates on airplanes, trains, buses, subways and other forms of public transportation. U.S. District…

NEW: Twitter Reportedly Reconsidering Musk’s Offer

Twitter is reportedly reconsidering Elon Musk’s offer to purchase the platform for $43 billion. The Wall Street Journal reported that the platform might be more receptive to a deal after Musk received $46.5 billion in…

Joe Biden’s Problems Pile Up

Washington — April, the great poet T.S. Eliot has tried to tell us, is the cruelest month of the year, and yet we continue to go out without our raincoats. Many pedestrians even forget their windbreakers. What about the fate of the…

Twitter Will Promote Third-Party ‘Safety’ Tools

Twitter will use a new feature on the platform to promote “safety” on the platform. TechCrunch reported that users would see third-party apps promoted on Twitter using “Twitter Toolbox.” “The Twitter Toolbox offers more…

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