VIDEO: Exclusive Interview With Marcus Schroeder, Teenager Arrested While Reading

Marcus Schroeder joined Grace Reilly for an exclusive interview to discuss his arrest at the ‘family’ drag event in Wisconsin this past weekend. Police arrested Schroeder while he was reading Scripture on a public sidewalk outside of the event, reporting the cause as a sound amplification violation.

Schroeder has been attending similar events for the past few years, and he’s seen behavior at the child-oriented events escalate from “story hours” to drag “dances.” Not expecting to be arrested, Schroeder and his church group attended last weekend, hoping to draw attention to the inappropriate performances happening in front of children at these drag events.

In the video of his arrest, an officer made a comment about previously warning Schroeder. Schroeder clarified that he had not been warned by officers before he was arrested. He explained that his group was only told to take the speaker outside of the drag event’s permitted area, which they did. He added that a few of the officers had been hostile to them throughout the day leading up to the arrest.

Updates on the case will be posted on the Warriors for Christ Studios YouTube page, as Schroeder will be pursuing further action.

Watch the full interview to find out more.

A current intern at The American Spectator, Grace Reilly is a rising senior at Grove City College, where she is a marketing fellow at the Institute for Faith and Freedom. In her role as a fellow, she is the host of the Post-Roe America Conference Series and Meet the Scholars and co-host of the Liberty Mail podcast. Grace has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and America’s Voice News, in addition to a variety of podcasts, radio, print, and television in her home state of Connecticut. Follow her on Instagram @conservativegrace and on Twitter @conservgrace.


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Read More: VIDEO: Exclusive Interview With Marcus Schroeder, Teenager Arrested While Reading

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