“Community Feature, Share Your Holiday & Christmas Spirit”

Letter From The Editor

(with apologies to Dr. Suess)

A Christmas decoration is so much more than lights or wreaths from our local store. Once they are ours and put on display, there is an extra message they have to say…

A little wreath on the front porch, or a Santa on the steps (best facing North).A display of lights, whether large or small,says warmth lives here, Merry Christmas to all!

And so we ask, if you could today, would you send a photo of your display? Big or small, short or tall, we want to post them, one and all!

Happy Holiday season from us at the NDT.  I want to let our readers know about our project to show the Spirit of our community, leading up to Christmas day…

So many residents this time of year decorate, adding to the warmth of the season.  It may be a small reindeer on the lawn that makes a child go “aww”, or a string of lights. 

You may decorate with many things and many lights, which may make them go “wow”. But decorations large and small say the same thing. And that is, “We feel Christmas… this decoration is for you… hello, and Merry Christmas to you…” So, that is our idea.  

Whether your Christmas gesture is only Aunt Mary’s favorite wreath tree on the porch, or Chevy Chase’s guide to high electric bills, we would like to publish your Christmas message to the community here in the Newark Daily Times. No contest, just all of us sharing the season.

Please send your Christmas spirit pic to;

[email protected]

From the desk of Eric Barber, Editor

The Newark Daily