So, This Is What Actually Happens If You Smoke Or Vape On A Plane

While smoking and vaping on flights is strictly prohibited, the flight can be an intense ride for people who rely on this habit to get through the day. To the point that they could be tempted to just have a quick smoke in the plane toilet.

How harmful can one quick smoke really be?

Well, according to one flight attendant, pretty bad, to be honest. 

What happens if you smoke on a plane

Natalie Magee, a first-class flight attendant posted on her TikTok explaining exactly what happens when people take this risk, as it had JUST happened on a flight she was working on.

When the pilot called to say that somebody was vaping in the bathroom, an announcement was made that no smoking or vaping was allowed and Magee went to investigate further.

She did identify that somebody had definitely vaped in the bathroom and requested that the passenger own up. Unsurprisingly, nobody did.

Magee said: “When you smoke or vape in the bathroom [on a flight], and you do not identify yourself, that aeroplane is grounded for a minimum of two hours.”

This is because the crew have to do an overhaul of systems, and engines to ensure that the plane is still safe and that the smoke detector wasn’t finding smoke in another area of the plane.

Additionally, according to FlightRight UK: “The cabin environment in aeroplanes is set to a specific air pressure level. Smoking can affect the sensors and jeopardise the correct functioning of the cabin pressure system. It could also lead to a lack of oxygen, which is problematic at flight altitudes.”

The aircraft experts also warned that  smoking impairs the air quality in the cabin and jeopardises the health of passengers, including children, and crew.

There really is no point taking the risk.

Smoking aids to help you during a flight

If you do struggle to get through a flight without smoking, there is an alternative.

According to Velo, you can use nicotine patches on a flight: “Nicotine pouches are smokeless* so there are no restrictions on taking them on board a flight. They can either be packed in your hold baggage or carried in your hand luggage.”

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