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Rich Lowry argues, probably correctly, that a Vivek Ramaswamy moment this way comes. He also argues, probably correctly, “Ramaswamy, who has no political experience and no chance of winning the nomination, rightfully has no business running for president, which should be about more than gaining notoriety in order to enhance other career opportunities, whether in media, politics or something else.”

Before the Ramaswamy moment came the Ben Carson moment, and the Herman Cain moment, and the Gary Bauer moment, and the Steve Forbes moment, and the Alan Keyes moment, and the Pat Buchanan moment, and the Pat Robertson moment.

None of these men boasted government experience of the type that normally serves as a precursor to the presidency. Most had no business running for president. Yet they all enjoyed their moment either by finding salient issues (Forbes, Bauer) that resonated or delivering big on charisma or personality (Cain, Keyes).

Buchanan, really to Trump what Goldwater was to Reagan, served as the vessel for the outs — all the people fed up with the establishment Republican Party; that segment grew to become the establishment. And Trump, given his unconventional path to the White House, looks like forever the ray of light for such folks dreaming of the presidency as an entry-level position within the government.

Enjoying a moment may sound dismissive — like calling a music act a “one-hit wonder.” But tell that to Carly Fiorina and Morry Taylor. They never got their moment. If Herman Cain can capture the imagination of Republican primary voters, then why can’t Vivek Ramaswamy?

Ramaswamy comes across as very intelligent, likeable, and normal. He does not come across as the next president of the United States.

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