That’s Why We Could Be Grumpy and Ill-Tempered Today

Horoscope for Friday, 11/25/2022

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Today is not going to be easy.
It could well be that we get up first thing in the morning in a bad mood and
. The opposition between the Moon and Mars
puts us in a bad mood, and if you don’t manage to get out of these negative waters quickly, you could start the first argument in the morning. Unfortunately, the outlook for the rest of the day is no better, as the Moon also enters into a difficult conjunction with Neptune

Nervous mood

During the day, we are more sensitive than usual and seem unbalanced and nervous
. In addition, such a constellation can always bring disappointments or deceptions.

And in the evening, the square between the Moon and Jupiter
takes effect. Conflicts and disadvantages could arise in love relationships. So if you have already had a quarrel with your partner in the morning, you run the risk of picking up where you left off. In addition, this constellation draws attention to the fact that although one may be generous, one should urgently reconsider the meaningfulness of the expenditure
. After all, we might be so frustrated tonight that we think a little online shopping would lift our spirits, but what we’re buying doesn’t exactly have to be necessary. So rather end the day with something nice like a good book, our favorite series, or a nice warm shower!

So, all in all, a difficult day, but that’s the way it is sometimes, and luckily now comes the weekend, when we can recharge our batteries and get back into our mental equilibrium, guaranteed!

November. 25th


Christina Applegate (* 1971), Gaspard Ulliel (*1984), Jill Hennessy (*1968), Katie Cassidy (1986), Billy Burke (*1966), John F.Kennedy Jr. (*1960-1999), Adrienne Bolland (*1895), Maarten ’t Hart (*1944)


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