America Has Slipped On A Banana Peel

America has always prided itself as a country of laws based on our Constitution and enforced equally regardless of the individual. That fundamental principle separates us from a Banana Republic like Cuba or Venezuela. President Joe Biden has found a way to obliterate that separation, and his effort to destroy this great country has brought us closer to being a Banana Republic. Joe’s continued crusade to weaponize the Department of Justice and the FBI against his political foes has made us one of the greatest Banana Republics. The law is no longer blind but twisted to suit the needs of Biden and his administration.

We got a glimpse of the power of a corrupt government and DOJ when Biden unleashed that power on parents who disagreed with his Department of Education and the Teacher’s Union. We saw the power when the FBI implanted agents into Catholic Churches to uncover radical Catholics who may threaten the country. We saw the power when the President’s son and the Biden family were protected by the DOJ while concocting bogus laws to indict former President Donald Trump three times since Trump announced his re-election campaign.

Under the control of the soon to be impeached Attorney General Merrick Garland, the DOJ has indicted Donald Trump three times on Federal criminal law violations. The three indictments, and the one modified, have been used to embarrass Donald Trump, force the former President to use $40 million on legal fees, and split his focus between mounting legal woes and his re-election campaign. The one thing that should concern Democrats is each time a new indictment comes down, Trump’s approval rating amongst Republican voters goes up and has drawn him even against Biden in the general election polls. The indictments have also been planned to mask the legal troubles of Hunter Biden and the mounting evidence of Joe Biden’s connection to his son’s extortion of money from foreign individuals and countries.

The comparison between Joe Biden’s America and Banana Republics is in America, we typically let the election box be the means of electing our leaders. Under Joe Biden, he is threatening his political competition with jail time or at least a mountain of fake indictments that will break the financial backs of most people, but not Donald Trump. Maybe Trump speaks with a bit of tongue in cheek when he says he is one indictment away from securing the Presidency. Even if in jest, Biden should heed Trump’s words. Most legal pundits indicate how flimsy the current string of charges are. Most of the charges are antiquated and appear to be designed to confuse rather than convict. They are vague, nearly impossible to prove as many involve a defendant’s state of mind rather than actions. Jurors will be forced to delve into the mind of Donald Trump, and that is an untenable task. Americans who are aware of the Trump and Hunter Biden proceedings can see how differently the law and accountability are applied to both. It is enough to turn an average citizen am. Joe found the beanbag with no problem. Let’s see how he fares with a banana peel.

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