Why Joe Biden lies so Shamelessly

Inflation … was at 9% when I came in.

Joe Biden, May 14, 2024

Many conservative media sites have asked why Biden would tell such an obviously shameful and easily checkable lie as he did recently that inflation was at 9% when he took office.  In fact, Trump left him with a very nice 1.4% and Biden immediately set about ruining this. It is worth addressing the question why Biden would tell such a shameless lie.  

The general answer is that Biden knows that he can count on the fact that what remains of our “news” media is now effectively “an arm of the Democrat Party” – although it is noteworthy that even CNN correctly fact checked Biden on this particular shameless lie.  

The more specific answer, however, is that Biden and the Democrats know that with most of the media covering for them on most issues, more prospective voters will hear the original lie than will hear the correct fact check of that lie that takes place later on the occasional conservative or media site. 

One can verify this by looking at the comments on social media.  If one looks on Twitter and Facebook one finds that many members literally still believe that Trump was proved to have colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, that Trump said he grabs women by the p***y, that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and drug traffickers, that Trump told people to inject bleach to cure the coronavirus, that Trump was found guilty of raping E. Jean Carroll, and, in general, that it is established fact that Trump has committed a plethora of crimes.  In fact, none of these claims is true and yet they are still widely believed.

Given that so many of the population are so woefully misinformed, and that most of what passes for our “news” media shamelessly cover for the Democrats, Biden’s (and the Democrat’s) calculation is quite simple.  Even if these lies are occasionally fact-checked and exposed as lies, the honest fact-checkers simply cannot keep up with the media repetition of these lies.   Yes, it is a bit embarrassing that a large percentage of the population will see the media for the dishonest Democrat Party propagandists that they are.  However, the only thing that matters to the Democrat’s and their media propagandists is that on election day (or week or month) the number of people that have heard and internalized the lie will be greater than the number of people who have heard and digested the fact-check and vote accordingly … that is, vote for Democrats.

Yes, Republicans lie sometimes too.  Virtually all politicians do.  However, there are various degrees of this.  If a Party’s policies are objectively better, its members do not need to lie as much.    The key is to have realistic policies.  Given that Biden’s policies are absurd and destructive to the United States, Biden and the Democrats know they cannot defend them.  Since they know that the fact checkers simply cannot keep up with the media repetitions of the lies, they have adopted this cynical strategy of simply repeating the transparent lies over and over and over again to win elections and keep themselves in money and power.  The only thing that matters to them is that on election day (or week or month) more people have heard the lie than have heard the fact check.   It’s an election day numbers game (period).

Shame and embarrassment that they have made their riches and gained power dishonestly, by cheating the American people, is simply is not a factor anymore.  If one doesn’t understand that one cannot understand the modern Democrat Party. 

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