VIDEO: Jonathan Isaac’s UNITUS Will Challenge Woke Sports Companies – The American

NBA player Jonathan Isaac recently launched UNITUS, a new sports and lifestyle apparel company with the mission of glorifying God. The company is founded on the values of faith, family, and freedom, providing Americans with a breath of fresh air from woke mainstream sports companies.

This alternative option gives Americans the opportunity to support a company that aligns with their values and to challenge woke companies such as Nike.

Isaac gained national attention back in 2020 when he alone stood for the National Anthem during a game while his teammates — all wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts — kneeled. He also turned heads in 2021 when he challenged the NBA’s vaccine mandates.

This values-based company is worth supporting in the midst of the majority of companies’ rampant wokeism.

Watch the full video to find out more.

A current intern at The American Spectator, Grace Reilly is a rising senior at Grove City College, where she is a marketing fellow at the Institute for Faith and Freedom. In her role as a fellow, she is the host of the Post-Roe America Conference Series and Meet the Scholars and co-host of the Liberty Mail podcast. Grace has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and America’s Voice News, in addition to a variety of podcasts, radio, print, and television in her home state of Connecticut. Follow her on Instagram @conservativegrace and on Twitter @conservgrace.


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Read More: VIDEO: Jonathan Isaac’s UNITUS Will Challenge Woke Sports Companies – The American

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