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The headline in Monday’s New York Times was this:

Trump Crushing DeSantis and G.O.P. Rivals, Times/Siena Poll Finds 

The twice-indicted former president leads across nearly every category and region, as primary voters wave off concerns about his escalating legal jeopardy.

The Times reported:

Former President Donald J. Trump is dominating his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, leading his nearest challenger, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, by a landslide 37 percentage points nationally among the likely Republican primary electorate, according to the first New York Times/Siena College poll of the 2024 campaign.

Mr. Trump held decisive advantages across almost every demographic group and region and in every ideological wing of the party, the survey found, as Republican voters waved away concerns about his escalating legal jeopardy. He led by wide margins among men and women, younger and older voters, moderates and conservatives, those who went to college and those who didn’t, and in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

An accompanying analysis by the paper’s chief political analyst, Nate Cohn, said:

But even if it might be a mistake to call Mr. Trump “inevitable,” the Times/Siena data suggests that he commands a seemingly unshakable base of loyal supporters, representing more than one-third of the Republican electorate. Alone, their support is not enough for Mr. Trump to win the primary. But it is large enough to make him extremely hard to defeat — perhaps every bit as hard as the historical record suggests.

Here’s what we know about the depth of the support — and opposition — to Mr. Trump from our poll, and why it’s so hard to beat the former president.

The MAGA base, defined

It’s populist. It’s conservative. It’s blue collar. It’s convinced the nation is on the verge of catastrophe. And it’s exceptionally loyal to Donald Trump.

As defined here, members of Mr. Trump’s MAGA base represent 37 percent of the Republican electorate. They “strongly” support him in the Republican primary and have a “very favorable” view of him.


The Times analyst continued:

Zero percent — not a single one of the 319 respondents in this MAGA category — said he had committed serious federal crimes. A mere 2 percent said he “did something wrong” in his handling of classified documents. More than 90 percent said Republicans needed to stand behind him in the face of the investigations.

In short?

Hell will freeze over before 90 percent of Republicans abandon the former president who they believe has been deliberately — viciously — targeted by the American Establishment/Deep State/Washington Swamp, using every tool at their disposal, specifically the weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI. (READ MORE: Five Quick Things: The Unbearable Sloppiness of the Bidens)

And well beyond this latest New York Times poll, other polls — poll after poll after poll — show exactly the same results. Trump is winning the battle for the 2024 GOP nomination — and winning in a landslide.

There is a reason.

The former president more than accurately puts it this way:

In the end, they’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you — and I’m just standing in their way.


To understand his point, take a look around America today and recall these recent stories.

Whether it’s attacks on country music star Jason Aldean for his song decrying violence; attacks and arrests of pro-lifers; attacks on Trump supporters; or any manner of others — such as attacks on conservative academics (as noted here in the Daily Signal) — the intolerant American Left is out to shut down, silence, and even physically attack anyone who dissents from far-left woke dogma.

And very safe to say that all those millions of Americans who see what is happening to their country are making a point to stand up for Donald Trump.

Which, in turn, is what repeatedly shows up in the polls.

These millions of Americans understand at a gut level that what Biden Justice Department prosecutor Jack Smith is really about is election interference — making certain that Biden’s leading opponent is kept from running for reelection. And he’s doing this by keeping Trump out of the 2024 election by literally imprisoning him — the stuff of banana republics. (READ MORE: Ron DeSantis: Next Victim of the Democrats’ Digital Reign of Terror)

What this New York Times poll underscores is that the Trump base is going exactly nowhere. Not to mention that with every indictment, it grows, solidifying the Trump base in a teeth-gritting fashion that both astonishes and horrifies the Times.

Not to mention the rest of the “mainstream media.”



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