Urban Meyer Shown Chatting Up a Young Woman Off-Stage During ‘Big Noon Kickoff’

Urban Meyer is back on FOX’s college football coverage for another season. The former Swamp King traveled to Fort Worth with the rest of the Big Noon Kickoff crew this weekend to cover Colorado’s upset of TCU. At one point during the broadcast the show came back from commercial for a segment with Chris “The Bear” Fallica and Tom Rinaldi and as the camera zoomed in you could see Meyer off to the side talking to a young woman in cowboy boots. Who knows what the context of the conversation was, but the Internet ran with it.

Unfortunately for Meyer, there will only be one place people’s minds will go when they see something like this. Since his disastrous Jacksonville Jaguars tenure was highlighted by images of the coach hanging out with some young ladies during a special trip to Columbus after a Thursday loss to Cincinnati, there’s going to be some jumping to conclusions.

The FOX college football producers are going to have to tighten it up going forward. They cut to a camera on the ground during a Colorado touchdown and then you throw in unintentional behind-the-scenes footage and youv’e got yourself a real problem.

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