Mad Dog Goes Nuclear on Lionel Richie For Cancelling MSG Concert

The best segment of each week’s Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s ESPN cameo is pretty easily “What Are You Mad About?” in which Stephen A. Smith steps aside to let Russo rip off a certified Mad Dog rant about whatever he wants. They are not always sports-related. Such was the case this Wednesday when the radio host blew up on Lionel Richie for cancelling a concert at MSG after it was already scheduled to start.

To be clear, it does not seem that Russo attended this show and suffered the consequences of Richie bailing as late as he did. He just heard about it and got mad enough to rant on First Take.

Some fair points made. And as noted in Jimmy Traina’s tweet Smith hits the mark with his reference.

Honestly I think I would happily pay some of my hard-earned money to hear Mad Dog get really upset about things that happened to me and not him. A 30-second screaming rant by one of sports radio’s best shouters about the fridge repair people not showing up on time would be worth a couple of bucks. The man can summon legitimate outrage at literally anything and it would be rather gratifying to hear him rip into the inconveniences that plague normal people.

A potential industry for Russo to look into once he decides to hop off the mic. He’d make a pretty penny on Cameo!

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