Orioles Fans Chanted ‘Free Kevin Brown’ at Camden Yards

The Baltimore Orioles suspended Kevin Brown for the dumbest reason and everyone has rightfully been talking about it for multiple days now. It’s one of the precious few things that we can all agree on in this fractured world. And it still has plenty of juice to continue until Friday when Brown returns after one of the more perplexing timeouts in a long, long time.

TBS had the national telecast of tonight’s game at Camden Yards against the Houston Astros. Which at one point featured the crowd chanting “Free Kevin Brown.” Brian Anderson spelled it out for the home audience, who at this point knows that the Orioles struggled for years against the Tampa Bay Rays before playing much better this season. So yeah, things have really backfired.

That is … louder than we were expecting. Brown is going to come back and get a rousing standing ovation from home fans and when the O’s go on the road. He’s coming perilously close to becoming a household name. Announcers have seemed to make it clear that if you mess with one announcer you mess with them all. Impressive solidarity.

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