Big Lies and Bigger Lies

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” — Joseph Goebbels

“If you’re going to lie,” Joseph Goebbels used to say (in German of course), “make it a whopper.” How did that work out for the Third Reich?  Today, The New York Times says “Joe Biden” is revving up to run for president again in 2024. Is that so? One DNC strategist, Maria Cardona, was quoted saying, “Democrats complain that he might be too old. But then, when they’re asked, ‘Well, who?’ There is no one else.”

There you have the sucking chest wound at the center of the Democratic Party, a malodorous vacuum where, as they like to say, democracy dies in darkness. You understand, this is exactly what you get when all you do is tell lies, always and everywhere, about everything.

Now I will tell you the truth: “Joe Biden” will not be running for president ever again. “Joe Biden” will either be impeached for real high crimes and misdemeanors, or he will be bum-rushed out of the White House on some medical pretext before Independence Day. “Joe Biden’s” crimes have finally caught up with him. He sold out his country.

The facts have been out in plain sight since before a coalition of rogues and frauds stuffed him into the Oval Office, January, 2021. As vice-president under Mr. Obama, “JB” was allowed to run a global grifting operation that netted his family tens of millions. (Mr. Obama received plenty of his own sanitized grift in the form of absurdly large book deals and TV contracts, enough swag to lead the deluxe life of a senior panjandrum. His job, post-presidency, was to feed the Woke hustle with an occasional speech and otherwise shut up.)

The coalition of rogues and frauds, a.k.a. the permanent bureaucracy or the Deep State, had committed so many crimes since 2016 that its sole agenda turned to driving the one-man wrecking-crew called Donald Trump out of office and making sure he never got close to a lever of power again, by any means necessary. That is still all that animates this gang. They managed to roll enough of the American public in the process to maintain power and influence over them via control of the news, censorship, and use of their captive legal system to harass and punish their enemies. And now it’s all falling apart.

How many Americans with the capacity to pay attention actually doubted the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop?  Very few, I’d guess, deep down, though millions pretended it was not for-real because the contents were so obviously incriminating. So, they had to lie to themselves. But then, what’s wrong with lying to yourself when all the authority figures in your society set the example of lying to you about everything, always, and everywhere? Do you see where this habit of lying gets you?

The trouble with lying, of course, is that it requires a never-ending struggle of covering up prior lies, and then that task requires the invention of new lies, which, in-turn, induces more fabrication of lies in a self-reinforcing feedback loop subject to the implacable law of entropy (a wearing-down to zero), until you have flown up your own cloacal aperture — the place where souls go to die. And now, maybe, you see why the regime in power has made itself so deeply and heinously soulless, which is to say: evil.

By the way, this is why the “Joe Biden” regime sent out a pack of drag queens to perform for the cameras the past two years. They needed a device so insulting to the sensibilities of people equipped with a normal moral compass that it would create a distraction from much greater insults such as stealing elections and concocting a lab-engineered pandemic to deploy deadly vaccines — these matters in themselves entailing giant matrices of lies.

Even with the stolen 2022 midterm elections in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, the Republican Party managed to squeak into a House majority, and now a non-captive faction of that party is methodically taking steps to reveal the giant scaffold of lies America has lived under for years. One rather significant event was the prank now unspooling about the fifty-one  “folks” (“JB” called them) from the Intel Community who branded Hunter’s laptop a Russian disinfo operation. Those “folks” included five living former CIA directors, wouldn’t you know? It was an obvious lie at the time, but now it’s a certified lie, since one of the five, Michael Morell, spilled the beans testifying under oath to the House Judiciary Committee that he rounded up the other fifty at the direction of “Joe Biden’s” campaign advisor, Tony Blinken, now Secretary of State.

On another side of the Biden family mischief, there is the emergence of the IRS whistleblower (as yet unnamed), who complained through formal agency channels that the IRS and the DOJ were mishandling various cases emanating out of Hunter’s laptop. A “high government official” unmasked as Attorney…

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