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Big Lies and Bigger Lies

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” — Joseph Goebbels “If you’re going to lie,” Joseph Goebbels used to say (in German of course), “make it a whopper.” How did that work out for the…

No More Truth from Fox News

As I have reported over and over, truth-tellers are being eliminated.  Now it is the most popular TV host with the largest following that has been jettisoned. It is highly unusual, indeed extraordinary, for a media company…

New Koch – LewRockwell

After the founder of a large foundation dies, his heirs often transform it. Compare industrial tycoon Henry Ford to the Ford Foundation, which rejects “the model of capitalism we have today.” But it is uniquely odd that…

Those Scary and Dangerous Russkies

It was always inevitable that the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s “war on terrorism” would begin fizzling out, especially as the number of foreigners they were killing significantly diminished. When U.S. forces got booted out of…

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