Damn Right Trump Will Be Coming For The Justice Department

James Comey, the former head of the FBI, appeared on MSNBC this week to deliver a message to all Americans, especially Democrats, that Joe Biden must be reelected to prevent Donald Trump from regaining power in the White House. Comey’s concern was directed to his belief that the former President would target the Justice Department and FBI to be dismantled and rebuilt. This possibility may concern people like Comey, but it is a hope for all Republicans who can see that the department and agency have been politicized and corrupted. People’s heads should roll, and we want to see Trump yield the axe quickly and deeply.

Most rational people will concede that this country is broken. We have allowed the government to get its tentacles into every aspect of our lives, and when you recognize the corruption within the government, it is easy to see how we have gone off the rails. So far, we have been strong enough to fend off this government impact. Still, when you look at entities like the IRS, Pentagon, Social Security, Medicare, and possibly the most damaging, the Department of Education, we must start reversing the trend before breaking under the weight of cumulative corruption.

There is one entity that is so broken that it is impacting us in so many negative fashions, some of which are subliminal, that it may be beyond repair, and that is our Justice Department. Justice should be apolitical and black and white when enforcing our laws. That apolitical train left the station, and the department began leaning toward the Left. This leaning was painfully evident during the Trump Presidency when the department was complicit in trying to take Trump down and prevent him from a successful re-election. You need no further proof than the 51 former intelligence agency officials who signed off on the letter claiming the Biden laptop was Russian misinformation. They knew the letter was false but thought that fact would be lost in the magnitude of the number of signers. The Left bought their story, and the Right condemned it, but the bottom line is that it worked and helped keep Trump out of the White House.

Under Biden, as it had under Obama, the Justice Department has become a weapon to be used against political opponents. I can give you 91 examples of that statement, which is the number of bogus charges against Donald Trump for the sole purpose of tying the former President up in court, preventing him from the campaign trail, and hurting him so severely financially that he will not have access to his funds for his campaign. It is not only political foes they are gunning for but everyday citizens who do not align with the Socialist views of the Left.

You only need to look at two examples to see how dangerous this effort can be. At the request of the Teacher’s Union, Merrick Garland set the FBI loose, going after parents who dared to voice their opinions at school board meetings. Then there were the FBI agents who implanted themselves into Catholic Churches to seek out radical Catholics who may pose a danger to the country. Read that sentence again to make sure it sinks in. Finally, it was reported this week that the FBI had the authority to use lethal force during the Mar-a-Lago raid. The FBI was serving a search warrant on a former President whom Secret Service agents surrounded, and some fool authorized lethal force. You cannot make this up. That is the power of our government when left unchecked. So yes, I relish the thought of Trump winning in November, and the sound you hear will be the rats leaving the Justice Department and FBI before they face the wrath of the Orange Man.

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