Trump Rallies Give Us Hope

Congresswoman Cortez claimed that Trump wears a virtual ankle bracelet. Cortez claimed the Bronx was too wise to fall for Donald Trump’s antics and would not turn out for a Trump Rally. As with everything, Cortez was wrong. Donald Trump is the first Republican Presidential candidate to visit the Bronx since Ronald Reagan fifty years ago. The Trump speech was planned to last sixty minutes, yet Trump was still going strong at the two-hour mark. The crowd was enthusiastic and was probably the most diverse of any Trump rally. There was a genuine connection between the former President and the crowd of Bronx Democrats. They may have come as Democrats, but chances are good they left as Trump voters.

Trump may not win New York, as he is predicting, but he must be scaring the hell out of Joe Biden and his team. Biden took New York by over 20% in 2020 but only leads by single digits as we head into the summer. Put this rally and the one in New Jersey in context, and this is a Republican going where few have ever gone. Trump has put every state in play and vows to turn some Blue states Red.

The former President was not in Jersey or the Bronx to hand out checks and empty promises, as Joe Biden does. He was there to proclaim the Republican Party as the Common Sense Party and would not turn its back on any group of citizens. His promises include closing the border, mass deportation of illegals, making America energy independent again, making cities safe again, and making sure every American has the opportunity for success. He also promised to end this foolish plan of forcing every American into an electronic vehicle and that he would make New York affordable again.

There is a stark difference between a Biden campaign event and a Trump rally. Biden’s are small in numbers and content as the President struggles to get through a scripted speech on the teleprompter. In his recent speech to the NAACP, Biden’s staff had to issue 9 corrections, and his speech at Morehouse College, an all-male Black school in Atlanta, was as dark as his famous Red Speech. His message to the graduates was bleak as he explained his perception of the country being stacked against Black men and they have to be ten times better than white men to get ahead. Trump’s rallies are events where Trump speaks directly to the wants and needs of the people.

As a side note, New York Governor Hochul had her deplorable moment, taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook yesterday when she referred to Trump’s rally as Trump and his clowns. These “clowns” were her New York constituents, and she insults them. That is how Democrats respect Americans with whom they disagree.

These Trump Rallies will continue in Blue states. Trump is the man who will not talk about uniting America. He will do it with his actions and policies. The Left will never embrace Trump, but they will undoubtedly enjoy embracing a better, stronger, and safer America under Trump.

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