Trump Trials Turn Into Circuses

[Judge Merchan in New York] has been a Biden campaign donor, his daughter’s making a fortune off being a Biden operative, you have a prosecutor who’s been a Biden donor, and the other one has worked with the DNC, you juxtapose [that] with the circus with Fani Willis and Nathan Wade [in Atlanta], and then with the delay of the Jack Smith case because that office lied about … the evidence they found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, and then there’s the [absurd] Jean Carroll [rape accusation and $83 million verdict].  [It appears] that none of this had anything to do with the law, except to subvert it.  It was all about campaign interference in the same manner as getting [Trump] off the ballot, or impeaching him twice.  It’s a long story.  

Victor Davis Hanson (Stanford History Professor)          

They don’t care.  By any means necessary!

Laura Ingraham (University of Virginia J.D. and Fox News Host) – The Ingraham Angle, May 7, 2024

The storyline put together by the Democrat “News”-media Colluders (hereafter the DNC) is that Donald Trump is a threat to “our democracy” because he “tried to overturn the 2020” election.  The charge is puzzling, first, because Trump left office exactly on schedule in early Jan. 2021.  There was no military coup or anything like that (except in the minds of the DNC).  The charge is puzzling, second, because there were plenty of obvious problems with the 2020 election that the DNC refuses to discuss.  See, as a tiny sample, The Spectator article of Nov. 27. 2020 detailing The Democracy Institute report entitled Reasons Why The 2020 Presidential Election Is Deeply Puzzling and the Gateway Pundit article of Nov. 18, 2020 titled “MORE PROOF OF FRAUD: 16 of 17 Bellwether Counties Went for Trump — HAS NEVER HAPPENED in 36 Years!”  The DNC’s favourite method for dismissing these problems was to coin a new term of art, “election denier” (meaning that one commits the sin of not submitting to the DNC storyline about an election they desperately want to win).  It is, however, a important nuance of this expression as the DNC defined it that it is not to be applied to DNC election deniers like their beloved Al Gore,  Hillary Clinton, Stacy Abrams and others because they, on their side of the aisle, are all so wonderful, selfless and pure.  If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, did it make a sound?  And if there is a claim of election fraud committed by the Left and what passes for our “news” media refuses to take it seriously, did it really happen? 

Since Trump is now running for president again by this thing called a “democratic election” in which the peasants get to choose their president, and since his current Democrat opponent is a disastrous feckless embarrassment who often appears not to know where he is, and since the DNC’s “identity politics” makes it difficult to replace him with another puppet before the 2024 election, and since it will be difficult to get away again a second time with the bags of massively pro-Democrat votes showing up at 3 AM in the morning after the counting is mysteriously stopped and then mysteriously restarted, the DNC is now trying, in the latest iteration of this same non-stop farce, to destroy Trump by using what remains of our “legal” system before the votes are even cast. 

Trump has been sued and indicted in a number of heavily Democrat jurisdictions by partisan Democrat DA’s and fanatical prosecutors before partisan Democrat judges where Trump cannot get a fair trial.  They have secured an absurd judgment for $83 million against Trump for an alleged sexual assault against E. Jean Carroll decades ago except that she cannot remember precisely when it happened and had already stated to Vox in 2019 that Trump committed no crime against her.  Who needs traditional legal standards anyways? 

Harvard Law professor and longtime liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz explains that of the four indictments against Trump the only one with any merit is the “Documents” case in Florida but if they indict Trump on that one then they will have to indict, for starters, Hillary and Biden.  Of course, none of the DNC’s beloved puppets were indicted because what passes for our “legal” system is only out to “Get Trump!”  Who cares about civil liberties or the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (“Equal Protection Under the Law”) anymore when the elites know who they want to ruin and who to protect! 

In fact, all 4 indictments have become embarrassing clown shows that threaten to delegitimize the 2024 election before it even happens. 

Fani Willis is the lead prosecutor in the silly Georgia case claiming that Trump’s phone call to Raffensperger to “find 11,000” votes is election interference.  Unfortunately, as Dershowitz, who actually knows something, explains, that the phone call exonerates Trump (but only if one can understand the English language at the 11th grade level).  Further, after her sordid affair with a married assistant came to light, Fani is now under investigation by the State Senate for her unprofessional conduct in the case.  Naturally, however, given her privileged position in “identity politics” pecking order, Her Majesty says she will not cooperate with the investigation despite the fact that she is required by law to do so.  She can fabricate a case against Trump, but she will decide when she can be investigated.  See how it works with Democrats?  

In the New York case over nothing, which even the New York Times, not exactly a bunch of right-wing wackos, calls an “historic mistake,” the prosecution is resting their case on a series of prosecution witnesses, like Hope Hicks, who ended up helping Trump, 

Jonathan TurleyFormer Trump associate Hope Hicks mocked [prosecution witness] Cohen [saying] he constantly tried to insinuate himself into the campaign, without success, and “used to call himself Mister Fix It, but [only after] broke it.” Mind you, these were his fellow prosecution witnesses, not the defense [and they] contradicted the basis for the prosecution. 

The other two prosecution witnesses include a former porn actress, Stormy Daniels, who talks to dead people, admits hatred for Trump and has a financial motive, and aserial perjurer Michael Cohen.  Great case Latitia and Alvin!  By the way, have you found a crime yet?

In the “Documents” case in Florida Judge Cannon has postponed the case indefinitely because Jack Smith,  “misled the judge” about the evidence in the case.   Smith, who has dreadful record of prosecutions, is now under investigation by Jim Jordan. 

Is anyone getting the idea that all these cases were set up, banana republic style, quickly and thoughtlessly for political reasons?  When one is driven by hatred, one tends to forget the law, one’s country … and one’s soul.  And one tends to make mistakes. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of shenanigans do not come without a massive price for the nation.  Victor Davis Hanson explains what President Xi and Vladimir Putin think about these prosecutions: 

They [think the US is] just like us [communists].  [Americans] talk one way [about respect for the rule of law] but … use the law to punish your enemies and help your friends and then lie about it.  [The Trump prosecutors have] wrecked the reputation internationally and domestically of … the American legal system. 

The United States fallen to the levels of Russia and communist China?  Not that anyone in the DNC cares as long as they remain in money and power.

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