PBBM order vs. vape, tobacco smuggling cited

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Zambales Rep. Jay Khonghun backs President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive to intensify efforts against smuggling of tobacco and vape products, saying it is a significant step toward protecting public health and upholding the rule of law.

Khonghun called on the departments of finance, and trade and industry to help the Chief Executive, adding that smuggling has been eroding the government’s economic gains. 

“It is crucial that we address and end the rampant smuggling of tobacco and vape products, which not only poses health hazards to our citizens but also undermines the efforts of legitimate businesses and deprives the government of much-needed revenue,” he said.

He also cited Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez’s reaffirmation of commitment to fight all forms of smuggling, including agricultural products, making it a top priority of the House of Representatives.

“Smuggling in general is not only economic issues, but also a form of subversion that encourages lawlessness, promotes syndicated crimes, and erodes economic gains,” Khonghun stressed.

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He expressed confidence in the administration’s commitment to combatting the issue, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach that involves close cooperation among government agencies, law enforcement and other stakeholders.

“I commend President Marcos for his decisive action in prioritizing the fight against tobacco and vape product smuggling. This sends a clear message that our government is serious about protecting public health and ensuring the integrity of our markets,” he said.

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