Family’s home destroyed by charging vape left on bed

A family’s home was destroyed after a vape left charging on a bed ignited a fire. Hannah Boyd, a 37-year-old mum-of-three, was preparing dinner when the smoke alarm in their house went off.

Her husband, Calum, 39, found a fire in their son’s bedroom and the family, along with their four dogs, quickly evacuated the house. Despite the fire brigade arriving within six minutes, the fire had already gutted the top floor bedroom and caused smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

The fire was sparked by a fully charged vape that had been left on the bed, plugged into a series of extension cables. Hannah, who is keen to raise awareness about safe battery charging, confirmed it was also connected to multiple extension cables.

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The teaching assistant from near Brighton, East Sussex, said: “It was terrifying and it has been devastating for us.

“I never ever thought something like this could happen in my home, but it did, and it all happened so quickly. We’re very vigilant and careful, we don’t burn candles or anything.

“I just remember standing there watching our house on fire. I think I’m still feeling the shock of it.

Calum Boyd, 39, and his wife, Hannah, 37, lost their home after an exploding vape caused a bedroom blaze. (Image: SWNS)

“At first I thought the beeping was our new smart metre, which beeps a lot, but luckily Calum went to check. He smelled smoke half-way up the stairs and when he opened our son’s door he saw the leaping flames.

Read More: Family’s home destroyed by charging vape left on bed