Spike In Vape Prices Causes Local Youths To Just Start Giving Lunch A Miss  —


Amidst a relentless surge in underground vape prices, a concerning trend has emerged as Gen Z are forced to make tough choices, with many opting to skip lunch altogether due to the strain on their wallets caused by the cost of living crisis.

The recent spike in vape prices coupled with the cost of living crisis have put many younger Australians in between a rock and a hard place, forced to access their priorities.

“I’ve gotten pretty addicted to these things over the last 5 years, they were super affordable before but now that they’re so expensive I’m finding that I’m usually better off just skipping lunch.” Said Tyler Mercer (24).

For many, sacrificing lunch has become a grim but necessary reality in order to afford life’s essentials.

As concerns mount, there is a growing movement advocating for action to address the root causes of these issues and provide support to those most affected.

One recent idea has been to provide food laced with nicotine for the vape addicted generation, killing two birds with one stone while also creating a brand new nicotine-laced food industry.

“We can’t have our youths choosing between nicotine and nutrition,” cried one supporter of the new idea.

“Nutrition is important and we all know that they’re not actually going to quit nicotine, so why not help them!.”

Calls for action grow louder as communities seek solutions to ease the burden on struggling youths.

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