Garland And DHS Still AWOL On Chinese Pot Farms

Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas are very busy men. The Attorney General has a full slate locking up January 6 protestors and quarterbacking the multi-state effort to jail Former President and 2024 poll-leading future President Donald Trump. The Secretary spends much of his time on The Hill filibustering in front of House and Senate committees. He also is planning a thank you soirée for his BFF, Chuck Schumer, who tore up the Constitution on Wednesday when he threw out the Impeachment of the incompetent, nearly treasonous Mayorkas. With these busy schedules, it is easy to understand why both of these men continue to ignore the Chinese invasion and illegal pot-grow operations scattered across the country. Even when they received a request for help signed by 50 Senators and Congresspeople, it was insufficient to get their attention. This week, the AG acknowledged receipt of the letter but did not specify any action the Justice Department would take to help the impacted states. Boy, he must have the largest inbox in the world.

To recap the problem, the Chinese cartel has purchased properties in many states and converted them from residential to clandestine pot factories. They are targeting states with expansive rural areas and a highway system that allows interstate travel. Authorities in Oklahoma, Oregon, California, New Mexico, and Maine have all been battling a surge in Chinese weed farms, with some thought to be linked to criminal gangs known as ‘triads. Estimates are in the thousands of illegal farms, with over 270 in Maine alone. These properties are modified with 400 amp electrical services, multiple heat pumps, and boarded windows. If these additions to the property are not enough to draw attention, the putrid, skunk-like smell permeating the neighborhood does. Without DHS or FBI assistance, the onus to discover and shut down these grow houses falls on local police and sheriff departments already short on staff.

It is alarming to deduce, but short of another viable reason, that the relationship between the Chinese government and the Biden Cartel prevents the federal government from getting involved in this massive operation. The pot operation is one of many situations avoided, like a third rail, by the President and administration.

Other Chinese-supported operations are Fentanyl poisonings, the purchase of land adjoining our military installations, the influx of illegal Chinese migrants through both our southern and northern borders, and the theft of intellectual property. It is safe and accurate to call these CCP-supported because nothing happens in China without the knowledge and approval of Beijing. The Biden administration has done nothing to mitigate any of these situations that impact our national security.

If we concede that our President is dirty and in the pocket of China, then that needs to be dealt with as a separate concern. But people are dying, and neighborhoods are threatened by his inactivity. Congress, specifically the House, is the only tool we have to circumvent Biden and call him accountable for his actions and non-actions. We need directly impacted people to bring suit against President Joe Biden. The President’s primary function is the country’s sovereignty and her people’s safety. Getting Joe Biden to defend himself in court

The clock keeps ticking, and the lack of support by Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Alejandro Mayorkas must stay in front of the American people.

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