Entertainment News : Overwatch 2 unveils next hero Venture with free trial this

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s latest Damage hero is a non-binary archeologist named Venture. 

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled Overwatch 2’s latest hero, a non-binary archeologist who wields a massive drill to burrow underground and attack enemies. Venture will be playable for a limited time during a trial this weekend, which runs from March 28 to 31. After that, the hero will become fully available to all players during Season 10. You don’t even need a battle pass to unlock them anymore. 

Watch Venture’s gameplay trailer below:


Venture free trial coming to Overwatch 2 this weekend

From March 28 to 31, everyone will be able to try out Overwatch 2’s new hero Venture before they formally join the playable roster in Season 10. They’re rather unique compared to the game’s more recent heroes, seeing as they have the ability to use their drill – a weapon called the Smart Excavator – to burrow underground and travel around the map without taking damage. Their primary fire is a seismic charge that explodes after travelling a short distance, and their Drill Dash ability allows them to dash forward and push enemies back. 

Venture also has two passive abilities. Explorer’s Resolve gives them temporary shields when using other abilities and Clobber buffs their melee attack damage. Their ultimate ability is called Tectonic Shock, which appears to be a big AoE attack that unleashes damaging shockwaves on grounded enemies. Here’s a quick look at their kit:

Thanks to Overwatch 2’s new progression changes, Season 10 will unlock Venture for everyone without the need for a battle pass – along with every other new hero the sequel has released. That means you can now play Venture, Mauga and any other heroes you failed to grind out during the season they were released for free. Season 10 launches on April 16. 

Overwatch 2 has one more hero in the works for release this year: a sci-fi themed support hero codenamed Space Ranger, launching with Season 12. 

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