The Staff Of NBC News Throw A Tantrum… Again

Ronna Romney McDaniel is an American political strategist who served as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Upon leaving the RNC two weeks ago, she landed a position with NBC News and MSNBC. I cannot, for my life, understand why McDaniel thought that was a good career decision. Still, she has set off a firestorm with the Liberal talking heads of the network and will be met with a very cold, if not hostile, greeting if she even gets booked on any of the opinion shows of the Peacock network.

I think that Jen Psaki, former Press Secretary for Joe Biden, who jumped to MSNBC some time ago, had an out-of-body reaction to the hiring of Ronna McDaniel. Psaki, who we know perpetuated lies every day from the podium, had the gall to call into question the credibility of McDaniels and how giving her a platform on NBC is a danger to our Democracy. She claimed she served our country in the White House, while McDaniel only served one person (Donald Trump), who spent his time as President working to topple our country. Talk about a loss of truth and reality. This partisan hack cannot handle the opposing view available to the viewers of NBC or MSNBC.

I give the executives at NBC credit for allowing their employees to voice their contempt for management’s decision to bring McDaniels on as a political analyst. It was almost unanimous from Joe and Mika in the morning to Rachel Maddow on prime time. The message was the same. They all called it a wrong and dangerous decision, and had they been asked, they would have pleaded with the network not to make the hire.

It has been evident for years that these opinion celebrities believe they, not the news, are the story. Now, another level of the onion falls away to expose them as more important than the network that employs them. They feel betrayed that their employer has given a voice to the opposition that they work feverishly to suppress.

It is difficult to watch virtually any opinion-based show on FOX News because of the network’s stand to offer both sides of the equation. Even the number one show on cable, The Five, has always had a seat reserved for the Liberal point of view. Whether Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, or the current pair Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford, Jr, the Left has always had a voice, making for healthy debate. This recipe may be one of the reasons the show has dominated cable news for over a decade.

All of these disgruntled NBC employees, including the disgraced Chuck Todd, who lost his role on Meet the Press to become the Chief Political Analyst at NBC, say this comes down to more than Democrat versus Republican or Red versus Blue. It comes down to the truth versus lies. What all of these people show is that they are united in the gaslighting of America, and they are the masters of projection. What NBC has done is put a wolf in the henhouse. The noise you hear is the frightened purveyors of a political agenda running from the truth. This meltdown will be fun to watch.

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