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A Coral Springs man was arrested after authorities said he attacked his family with a knife after smoking a THC vape pen.

Alexander Figueroa, 21, was arrested Saturday on attempted murder and aggravated battery charges, records showed.

According to the arrest report, Figueroa was walking around a neighborhood with his cousin when he started acting strange.

Alexander Figueroa

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Alexander Figueroa

Figueroa’s cousin told the authorities they had been smoking a THC vape pen earlier in the evening before going for a walk, the report said.

The cousin said that during the walk Figueroa started exhibiting unusual behavior and asking questions such as: “Where do you want to go, to heaven or hell?”

Figueroa also said they should take off their shirts before he starting to act aggressively towards his cousin, the report said.

At one point, the report says Figueroa started yelling and grabbed his cousin’s phone and smashed it. When his cousin took his phone inside the house Figueroa left and started walking around the neighborhood.

His cousin alerted his family about Figueroa’s erratic behavior and they went to look for him.

According to the report, Figueroa’s mother and cousin were able to get him inside a car to take him home. While in the backseat, he started to act erratic, trying to kick out the window.

After the vehicle was parked, Figueroa got out and ran into the house, locking himself inside the property.

The report said Figueroa could be seen from outside the window naked and yelling before running outside the house and stabbing his mother.

When Figueroa’s father tried to intervene, he started attacking him as well, according to the report.

Figueroa repeatedly punched his mother in the face and even tried to attack the family dog, at which point his mother was able to escape and run to a neighbor’s home where she called 911, the report said.

Figueroa’s father and his cousin were let back into the home by a “younger son” and all took refuge in the master bedroom until police arrived, according to the report.

Figueroa’s father sustained a large laceration to his abdominal area and his right arm. His mother sustained a large laceration on her head.

Figueroa appeared before a judge on Sunday. His mother was present during his bond hearing via Zoom. His lawyer requested an order for a mental health evaluation. He was ordered held in jail with no bond.

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