Biden Ignores The Facts When Praising Bidenomics

If You look up Bidenomics in the dictionary, you won’t find the made-for-TV term. If it could be found, the definition would read:

Bidenomics Noun 1. A political term to define the state of the economy with total disregard for metrics or reality.

Biden and his team continue to brag about the impact of Bidenomics on the horrendous economy they inherited from Donald Trump. They continue fantasizing about how incredible Biden’s economy is today. They continue to explain the poor poll results are because people don’t understand how good they have it. None of the storylines the Biden Administration wants to hold up high are based on facts. These storylines are pure gaslighting, and the numbers are starting to stack up to a point where the legacy media cannot ignore them.

Job Numbers: Biden loves to talk about the 13 million jobs he created, but the reality is that 12 million were people returning to their jobs after COVID. He also refuses to include that 60% of the new jobs created are government jobs, and of the remaining 40%, the bulk has gone to immigrants.

The other disturbing fact about job numbers is the habit of reporting bogus, inflated numbers and then posting the actual number weeks later. People pay attention to the first and never to the second. Eleven of the last thirteen reports were overstated, and the revised counts were down as much as 50%. In layman’s terms, that is called cooking the books.

Inflation: Biden claims that inflation is falling, but it is an outright false assessment (lie). The inflation rate is down, but the reality is three years of inflation gives us an overall increase in retail prices of 19%. That equates to the average household spending over $11,000 yearly for the same goods in 2020. That is not the result of a robust economy, but Joe says we have the best economy in decades.

Wages: Every American knows their dollar is not going as far as it did three years ago. This is contrary to the claims of Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre. The two of them tell us daily that wage growth exceeds inflation. It is simply not true, and the lagging wage growth is one of the reasons that Americans have grown credit card debt to over a trillion dollars.

The Biden economic team picks different time frames to make the numbers work in their favor. They compare wages today with pre-COVID wages of 2019, but when it comes to prices, they compare today with 2022, when prices were at their highest. The Biden team proves the adage that numbers don’t lie and liars use numbers. The American people are catching onto the Biden game of semantics and numerology, which is why the Biden approval numbers continue to fall.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was interviewed by FOX Business this week, and she was shown as the mistress of the non-answer. She says the inflation trend is clearly visible. She talked about the robust growth in EV sales and how more subsidies will continue that trend. She failed to acknowledge that American tax dollars are being used to lower inflated prices so the upper class can buy EVs. EVs are still far outside the reach of the middle and lower classes. When asked about the less-than-glowing inflation numbers of the last few months, she twisted the numbers to say that inflation is down two-thirds from the 2022 high. That is a number she cannot justify. It is a sound bite. She says Biden’s top priority is to lower costs, so he is putting pressure on the private sector. There is no place for the government to set prices for companies, but that is precisely what Biden is attempting to do. She wrongly stated that the most significant contributor to inflation was housing costs, totally ignoring energy, food, and gasoline.

Yellen reiterated that credit card numbers are not a problem, but she also said that our national debt is not a concern. Maybe not to her, but these will be huge factors for younger people unless she believes that they will be enjoying a government subsidy under the Socialist America she and her colleagues are pushing us towards.

Yellen’s interview is frustrating and infuriating, but it gives a clear image of the fantasyland this Administration is living in. Unfortunately, that is a luxury most don’t have, and we are forced to live in the reality of Biden’s America. That, too, is frustrating and infuriating.

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