Rufus Wainwright was ‘struck’ by Taylor’s Swift’s positive attitude |

Rufus Wainwright was struck by Taylor Swift’s “positive” attitude at the Grammy Awards.

The 50-year-old musician attended the glitzy awards show last month and he loved spending some time with Taylor, admitting to being impressed by her humility despite her fame and success.

Rufus told The Times newspaper: “My daughter is a Swiftie and was immediately struck by how positive and open-hearted she was.”

Rufus also discovered that the chart-topping star is a fan of his.

The singer shared: “She claims to be a fan of mine, which was thrilling.”

Rufus has enjoyed a hugely successful career in his own right, and the singer believes that he was always destined to become a performer.

The New York-born star said: “When I was born, my mother noted that she’d bought a ham the day before and it weighed the same, so I was immediately a ham. I was essentially putting on floor shows as a toddler and pretending to be Judy Garland.”

Meanwhile, Taylor previously admitted that she loves her life, despite the pressure and scrutiny that comes her way.

The award-winning star told NME: “There’s nothing I would change about my life!”

Taylor is more concerned with what her fans think, than what her haters believe to be true.

The ‘You Belong with Me’ hiamker – who is dating NFL star Travis Kelce – explained: “There’s really nothing I can do about it, because I’m living my life the way I want to live it.

“If you want to be snarky about me sharing my stage with other artists and giving these fans – who’ve paid their own money to see a show – more than they expected to see that night, if you’d like to be snarky about that, then go ahead.”

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