Shocking moment a toddler puffs on a VAPE while strapped into its car seat as

This is the shocking moment a toddler can be seen puffing on a disposable vape while strapped into a baby car seat.

Originally posted on social media, the video garnered massive disapproval with one person calling it ‘child abuse’.

The footage begins by showing the young child taking two puffs of the vape before coughing and looking at who is filming.

An older child can then be heard coughing as well, before he says: ‘You’re choking me with the vape.’

Replying to the video, one person said: ‘These people need locking up, child neglect of the highest order.’

Another added: ‘What kind of people subject a child to this and then display it to all?’ 

This is the moment the young toddler takes a puff of the vape while in a car seat
The smoke the toddler blew out is so strong that it made another older child in the car cough

A third also said: ‘This is wrong on so many levels actually makes me angry this terrible parenting right there.’

Last month the government revealed that disposable vapes will be banned in a bid to protect children’s health and prevent them becoming ‘hooked for life’.

The number of children using vapes in the past three years has tripled, driven by disposable devices which come in a range of bright colours and tempting flavours.

Figures show 9 per cent of children aged 11 to 15 now vape, with the long-term health impacts still unknown.

Rishi Sunak is set to bring in new legislation, using existing powers under the Environmental Protection Act.

The measure is expected to come in early next year, with hopes it will halt the trend of vaping among children. 

The Prime Minister said: ‘As any parent or teacher knows, one of the most worrying trends at the moment is the rise in vaping among children, and so we must act before it becomes endemic. 

‘While vaping can be a useful tool to help smokers quit, marketing vapes to children is not acceptable.

‘As Prime Minister I have an obligation to do what I think is the right thing for our country in the long term.’

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