Baby puffs on vape, in coughing fit

Confronting footage has emerged of two young children having a coughing fit after the youngest – still wearing a nappy – takes a hit of a vape in their nan’s car.

‘Abuse’: Shocking moment a young baby puffs on vape before coughing fit.

The vaping toddler, who is strapped into a baby seat and reportedly just two years old, calls out “Nanny” and appears to reference the disposable vape in his hand before taking a puff.

“You’re choking me with the vape,” another child can be heard in the background saying before coughing on the vapour.

An unseen child tells the baby he is “choking” him with the vape cloud. Picture: X

The footage, understood to have been leaked from a Whatsapp thread, was posted to X earlier this month where it racked up over 500,000 views.

“Wow, that’s one of the most shocking things I have seen,” one disturbed viewer wrote.

“That’s child abuse,” added another.

“That’s ABSOLUTELY reprehensible if not criminal of these horrible parents,” read another.

The user who shared the clip on X admitted it was not their clip, but wrote: “Looks pretty real to me, it’s not the first video I have seen of a young child smoking one of those either, but she is definitely the youngest of the lot.”

They said they hoped the parents could be identified through the video and if the video was genuine the children would be brought to safety.

The baby calls out to “Nanny” and gestures to the vape. Picture: Supplied

Although the origin of the video is unknown, it was posted to X by Irish users and the children appear to be speaking with Irish accents.

It is not the first time a small child has been filmed using a vape.

In 2023, a 16 year-old-boy was referred to the relevant authorities after footage showed him allegedly forcing a four-year-old to vape.

The video was believed to have been filmed in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and showed the young girl being handed an e-cigarette and told to “suck”.

Earlier in 2023 a 16-year-old Australian faced public backlash after posting several videos of her appearing to give her young baby puffs of a vape.

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