Why Taylor Swift makes Adam Sandler a ‘little jumpy’

Adam Sandler admits he may be the star of many movies, but he still gets nervous around Taylor Swift.

“Taylor Swift, because what she means to my kids, I get a little jumpy”: Adam Sandler opens up about getting nervous around Swift.(AP/Reuters)

The actor and father of two opened up about his celebrity encounters on the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, by Conan O’Brien.

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Sandler, 57, revealed that he has a hard time staying calm around one particular singer who is very important to his daughters Sadie, 17, and Sunny, 15, whom he shares with his wife Jackie Sandler.

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‘I’m a little like’ a Swiftie

“You know what, Taylor Swift, because what she means to my kids, I get a little jumpy. Just cause I don’t wanna blow it for my kids,” Sandler confessed.

“So I’m a little like, ‘Taylor, Taylor,’ like I talk a little too loud or something. I don’t stay as cool as I can.”

“You yell her name outside her house. Taylor!” O’Brien teased. “Talk to me,” Sandler chuckled.

“Speak to me. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah. She’s this whole other level now,” O’Brien agreed.

“People talk about The Beatles of it all and her. I mean, so many smash hits. There’s not a word my kids don’t know,” Sandler continued.

“Yeah, my daughter, it means so much,” O’Brien added.

“I know them too, by the way. But they know them inside and out,” Sandler said.

“But it’s, just remember The Beatles, every song on the record, you knew? That’s Taylor Swift too. You just, there’s not a song you skip. You go, that one’s pretty damn cool.”

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Sandler’s Spaceman is streaming on Netflix

On Monday, the Leo star and his family attended the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie Spaceman, which took place at the Egyptian Theater.

Sandler, who donned the role of Jakub Prochazka in Spaceman, was joined by his daughter Sunny, who plays Anna, his character’s daughter, in the movie. Sandler has also cast his daughter Sadie in some of his previous films.

The New York Native thinks it’s a good way to bond with daughters.

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