Oscar 2024: Ryan Gosling to perform on I m Just Ken

Confirmed amidst social media speculation, Ryan Gosling is set to perform I’m Just Ken at the 2024 Academy Awards. The song, featured in the Barbie movie and nominated for Best Original Song, will showcase Gosling’s talents on the prestigious Oscars stage. Barbie is in the running for six other Oscars, including Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay.

Say WHAT! Ryan Gosling To Perform I’m Just Ken At Oscars 2024

Amidst swirling rumours on social media, it’s been confirmed that Ryan Gosling will take the stage at the 2024 Academy Awards to perform I’m Just Ken, the catchy tune from the Barbie movie, which is also nominated for Best Original Song.

Confirmation Amidst Speculation

Addressing speculations sparked on social platforms about Gosling’s potential performance of I’m Just Ken, a reliable source close to the situation revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Gosling is indeed slated to entertain audiences with the musical number.

I’m Just Ken made a splash on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at No. 87 shortly after the release of the Barbie film. Riding on this success, Gosling dropped an EP in December featuring three new versions of the song, including a festive “Merry Kristmas” rendition.

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