Actor Ji Chang Wook under fire for allegedly smoking indoors

Actor Ji Chang Wook is under fire for allegedly smoking indoors.

On February 10, a clip of Ji Chang Wook allegedly smoking an e-cigarette indoors went viral on online communities. The post shares images of Ji Chang Wook sitting at a table with his ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri‘ co-stars during a rehearsal session under the title, “Ji Chang Wook smoking indoors during a rehearsal in a making-of video for ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’,” along with the comment, “You should pay a fine too.”

Though smoking is common in South Korea, there multiple government regulations in place for smoking indoors. Celebrities like EXO‘s D.O.NCT‘s Haechan, and more have faced backlash for smoking indoors as well.

Netizens were upset by Ji Chang Wook’s alleged actions, commenting, “Don’t smoke indoors even if it’s a vape,” “What’s wrong with that industry? There are a lot of people with screws loose,” “I really hate indoor smoking. So selfish,” “They’re all rehearsing, so why is he doing that,” “It looks like it’s normal. How many more will be caught,” “Since it’s the male lead smoking indoors, no one’s saying anything,” “Isn’t that his place of work? Why is he behaving like that while working,” and more.

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