Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams Have ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion

Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams Have a DawsonS Creek Reunion

Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes
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More than six years after the cast came back together for the Dawson’s Creek reunion, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams reunited once again.

Holmes, 45, and Williams, 43 – who played Joey Potter and Jen Lindley, respectively, on the WB series – were spotted together on Sunday, February 7, at Chanel’s new boutique opening on Fifth Avenue in New York City where they wore coordinating all-black outfits.

The sweet snap was reminiscent of when the former costars posed for a similar picture in 2002 at the Dawson’s Creek 100th episode celebration. In the throwback photo, Williams and Holmes both wore similar black midi dresses as they smiled for the cameras.

Holmes and Williams starred opposite each other on Dawson’s Creek for six seasons from 1998 to 2003 alongside James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson. While there have been talks about doing a reboot, not all of the cast is fully on board to return to Capeside.

“We’ve definitely talked about it over the years,” Holmes told Screen Rant during a July 2022 interview. “But I feel like that show captured that time period and that time in all of our lives.”

The Secret actress noted she’s “so grateful for the experience,” but doesn’t think a reboot would live up to the original.

Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams Have a DawsonS Creek Reunion
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“I think it’s great that you are nostalgic for it. So am I. But it’s like, do we want to see them not at that age?” she shared.

Williams, for her part, said she could potentially be down for a reboot as she’s “been waving that flag for a while.”

“I’m like, ‘Why not?’ Although, my character died so I would have to be a ghost,” Williams joked with reporters during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in February 2019.

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Although a revival of the teen drama may not be in the works, some of the cast reunited in March 2018 for the cover of Entertainment Weekly to celebrate 20 years of Dawson’s Creek.

“I loved that we were able to get in there in those formative years for people,” Williams said in the issue. “That’s why people, I think, are so connected to it. When something affects you while you were growing up, it kind of stays in there forever. When you’re so permeable and open and trying to figure out who you are and what’s going on, whatever reaches you in those moments really becomes part of you.”

Greg Berlanti, who began his career on the show in season 2 and took over as showrunner in season 3, said that Dawson’s Creek will always have a place in people’s hearts.

“It was really wholesome and it was really Americana,” he explained. “I think if people want a perfect snapshot of what it was like to come of age in the 90s and be a young person in that moment, Dawson’s will always be a time capsule of that.”

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