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Lindenwood provides students with an institutional license to the Wall Street Journal.

As of Spring 2024, the LARC has provided the students with an institutional license to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ,) expanding the coverage and resources they can access.

The Lindenwood University Library accommodates students and faculty with a plethora of resources that can help them keep up with current events.

The news is an important aspect of the world, especially in the digital age. Reading or listening to the news will help individuals be a part of the ever-changing events going on in the world.

“It’ll last through your entire time at Lindenwood,” Manager of Reference Services with Library Services Leah Rosenmiller said. “The accounts they create are based on their Lindenwood emails. As long as those are still active, they will have access throughout their entire time as any kind of student. In-person, online, distance learning, graduate undergraduate.”

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Everyone can benefit from the Wall Street Journal, but those who are going to use it the most are the students with business majors like business administration or advertising.

“I would say public relations, and political sciences as well. History and social science in general. There are lots of majors under each of those things I just mentioned. In terms of disciplines, those are the big ones. Any student can get access to the WSJ or the NY Times no matter if they’re using it in their courses or not because it’s beneficial for them to get individualized news they can follow,” Rosenmiller said.

Whether a student already follows the news or tends to not pay attention to it, the WSJ is a credible source to use for essays, articles, or a light read. In terms of accessibility, an individual can use the website or app for WSJ, but there are other ways to read the Wall Street Journal as well.

“They can also use articles as sources for their assignments should their assignment allow. It has both an individual news benefit for them as digital citizens but also benefits for them in their classes,” Rosenmiller said.

The Wall Street Journal’s subscribers get a newsletter every morning.

“I love it because it just sums up all the largest news stories into a nice newsletter that comes to my email every morning so I can kinda keep track of what’s happening in the world,” Rosenmiller said. “There are lots of other newsletters you can subscribe to if that’s a way faculty and staff want to kinda have their news curated for them. I also downloaded the WSJ app onto my phone. Students can do that as well; their same account works for mobile access as well.”

Whether it is needed for a class or curiosity, the Wall Street Journal and other digital papers are useful resources for topics ranging from politics to conflicts in other countries. In a time when the world is in a constant state of change, it is important to keep up with the news.

A junior on campus who has an interest in politics, Mackenzie Gilreath, explained why she finds the WSJ beneficial.

“Being currently in the know is important. Especially when we’re in the coming of age people,” Gilreath said. “It’s important for those who are in the 18-24 range to be aware of what’s happening in the News and the World so we can make better decisions whenever we’re voting. I’ve been trying to stay up to date in the primary. We’re going to see Joe Biden for the Democrats, but the Republicans have their spot up in the air right now so I’ve been trying to keep up with that. I’ve been trying to also stay up to date with policies and what everyone is thinking. Saving $40 bucks [the cost of a WSJ subscription] is saving $40 bucks. If it’s money still in my pocket then I’m appreciative.”

The Lindenwood Library Resource Centre provides students and faculty alike with plenty of other resources like the New York Times, a plethora of databases, tutoring, counseling, and many more.

For more information about resources contact [email protected], call (636) 949-4820, or check out the Lindenwood University’s website.

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