Technical glitch or cinematic brilliance? What happens when silence invades

Filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery is known for his experimental work in movies. With films like ‘Ea. Ma. Yau’ and ‘Double Barrel’, Lijo Jose Pellissery’s works have always transcended boundaries set by conventional filmmakers. So, when a theatre in Kochi, developed a technical glitch, resulting in zero audio during a crucial scene, it was not surprising that people thought it was Lijo trying out a new cinematic grammar.

This is probably why the entire audience didn’t utter a word even after a minute into the ‘silent’ scene. Though some people began murmuring after a while, most of the audience kept quiet for long. It was only when the subtitles started appearing, that people began to grasp the reality of the situation. Soon enough, protests began and the scene was replayed on screen.

One viewer was loud enough to express that he genuinely thought the silence was deliberate. “The scenes were in slow-motion, so there was this possibility that Lijo was trying to be experimental here. We only became cent per cent sure that it was a technical glitch when the subtitles started appearing on screen,” he said.

‘Malaikottai Vaaliban’ hit theatres on Thursday and is generating mixed responses from the public. While many are hailing it as a cinematically brilliant piece by Lijo Jose Pellissery, others are not as impressed. However, irrespective of the responses, many people are thronging theatres to watch their favourite director and actor Mohanlal in action.

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