Ohio’s ‘most haunted town’ is home to 3 spine-chilling sites. Read if you dare

A town older than the state of Ohio is likely to have a lot of stories behind it, and a Warren County village founded in 1797 has plenty of them – ghost stories, that is.Some travel to Waynesville for its notoriety as one of the best antiquing locations in the Midwest. Others for the annual Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. But it’s also a popular tourist destination for ghost hunters and those seeking paranormal experiences, with some people even calling it Ohio’s “most haunted town.”According to Linda Morgan, board president for Waynesville’s Museum at the Friends Home, you may be spooked by some random bumps and creaks in the old buildings, but the spirits in the sites around town tend to be friendly.”The buildings have all had a long history. Different people have lived in them over the years and have different stories,” Morgan said. “There’s no ghosts that come out and scare you and do evil things to you.”The Southwest Ohio village of 2,700 boasts more than 15 haunted sites. Here are some of the spookiest places to visit in Waynesville – if you dare.Workers at the Hammel House Inn, a hotel founded in 1822, have reported strange happenings throughout the centuries.A foggy figure of a man in Room 4 is one of the more common sightings. Local legend says a young traveling salesman checked in at the hotel long ago, but never checked out. He disappeared without a trace and some say the innkeeper murdered the man and dumped his body in a well.