Letter FROM the Editor, to you…

Welcome to The Newark Daily Times, and thank you for visiting our new publication!  This is your newspaper, and we serve you.

I ask that you read that last sentence twice… this is my promise as your Editor.

(Ok, that was my most important part. Let’s continue…)

This groundbreaking concept is locally owned, and operated by myself and a dedicated team of reporters.  Together, we are  committed to giving you a unique experience reminiscent of days gone by…good news from a great city, and hard-hitting investigative reporting to bring you the story. The real story.

We are beholden to no one. And that shall make all the difference…

Our reporters will ask the tough questions when needed.  We will report impartially and fairly. And we will remind you daily, of the wonderful community we all share…the happenings, the celebrations, and the local events. The small businesses that grace our community can be found here. We support you, and make it possible for you to promote your business with a small-business budget… how’s that for support?

I encourage you to share our platform with others, and please ask that they support this exciting effort by signing up at It’s free, and super fast 🙂  As our patron numbers climb, it will bring businesses large and small here to support us, and allow us to remain your place to come and be heard.

We report. You decide.This is our mission, and our philosophy. We believe that, given ALL the information, you the reader are more than capable of forming a solid opinion. An opinion based on the facts we find and share.  You Decide.

This publication recognizes that you are the voice of the People.

As your Editor, I and The Newark Daily Times will give you that voice.  Your opinions will be printed here. You can be heard far beyond your Facebook audience. This is your place to speak to all of Newark and Licking County. Send me your thoughts and opinions to [email protected].

If you have information regarding topics that we are currently investigating, or know of other concerns that should be pursued, please help us find the answers. Your voice alone can make the difference…

The Newark Daily Times provides a service to give you that voice also. All communications to our investigative reporters will remain anonymous and forever confidential.  Talk to us privately at [email protected]. Your tips can help us in an effort to better our community. Again, our reporters work for you.

The NDT also has a strong focus on local political officeholders, corruption, homelessness, taxation/spending, and the fentanyl crisis. We intend to explore these topics, and others, with your help.


“Truth dies in the shadows of fear and retaliation”

  -Your Editor, [email protected]