Licking Park District Board Meets to Discuss Upgrades/Challenges

The Licking Park District Board held their monthly meeting Wednesday to discuss a full agenda, including upgrades for outdoor activities that highlight the charm of Licking County.

Topics included benches and kayaks, as well as the challenges of maintaining the water quality our residents have come to expect.

Citizens will have an opportunity to sponsor Memorial Benches along the bike path, providing spots to take in the beauty of our natural areas maintained by the L.P.D.

In addition, these benches will allow a much needed rest for weary travelers before the next leg of their journey, whether by wheeling or walking.

Kayak rentals are also in the works for the coming outdoor season!  No kayak will soon become no obstacle to enjoy a day on the water in Licking County.

The Board heard from Kristy Hawthorne, Program Administrator for the Licking County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Kristy explained the importance of keeping our waterways clear, and the many procedures involved in monitoring the water quality that residents have come to expect.

For more information, L.P.D. can be reached at 740-587-2535.