Everyone Involved in This Golf Course Fight Should Be Deeply Ashamed

Say what you want about brawls at NFL games — and there’s plenty to say about them — but the people who are involved tend to get their money’s worth and their hearts are really into enterprise. As opposed to, say, fights on the golf course, which tend to look the same and feature combatants who will not be opening their own UFC gyms at any point in the future.

The latest features incredible scenes between two groups who simply could not have been dressed differently. One sect went to the course looking to be intimidating in black and the other went out trying to pop like the flowers in spring. And yet there everyone was, in ths same tangled mess. Hauntingly beautiful if a bit pathetic.

Looking at the game film, a common theme stands out. Absolutely no one involved is engaging their legs or core. They’re not bending the knees and establishing any type of a sturdy base. Everyone is as off-balance as they are when the ball is below their knees and it’s impacting their ability to get any power behind their cheap shots.

Just sad, really. If you’re going to be mad enough to lose all dignity and throw hands out on the links, at least have some conviction. It’s going to be embarrassing either way but at least those who leave their hearts and sweat out on the tee box aren’t sentenced to an eternity of their friends mimicking their fighting style.

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