UAW Reaches ‘Tentative Agreement’ with Mack Trucks in Three States

by Scott McClallen


The United Auto Worker’s Union has reached a “tentative agreement” on a new five-year agreement with the Volvo-Group-owned Mack Trucks in three states. 

The union posted on social media that nearly 4,000 UAW members at Mack Trucks in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida (UAW Region 8 & Region 9) have a tentative agreement.

“The tentative agreement would deliver significantly increased wages and continue first-class benefits for Mack employees and their families,” Mack President Stephen Roy said in a statement. “At the same time, it would allow the company to successfully compete in the market; invest in our people, plants and products; and be a sustainable employer.”

The agreement must now be ratified by UAW members. The UAW said 98 percent of its workers had authorized a strike.

The UAW is in its third week striking against Ford, Stellantis and General Motors seeking better pay, benefits, and time off. As of last week, about 25,000 workers are on strike. The strike began at 11:59 p.m. Sept. 14.

UAW President Shawn Fain wants UAW members to receive a 40% raise over four years and a 32-hour workweek with the same wage as a 40-hour workweek.

“General Motors CEO Mary Barra made $29 million last year, yet a newly-hired factory worker at Lordstown, Ohio is making $16.50 an hour,” Fain said in a previous Facebook live event.

Striking workers have said they want to be able to afford the vehicles their making. At the Michigan Assembly Plant, workers assemble Ford Broncos but starting pay is about $16.60 an hour.

The UAW says the Big Three owe workers from the 2008 recession when many workers took pay cuts.

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Scott McClallen is a staff reporter at The Center Square.
Photo “UAW Strike” by United Auto Workers.



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