What Did Jordan Poole Say to Draymond Green? Pablo Torre Might Have Found Out.

Pablo Torre Finds Out, the new Meadowlark Media podcast hosted by Vivek Ramaswamy’s old Harvard classmate Pablo Torre, is off to a hot start and on Friday the show had a fitting heat check moment as Torre and Oscar-winner Ezra Edelman revealed what Jordan Poole said that made Draymond Green punch him in the face. At this point I would encourage you to stop reading this and watch or listen to the entire episode. In fact, I’ve embedded the YouTube right here so you can sit right here on this website and watch the entire thing and everyone wins. Or you can jump down below the video and just read the quote.

I can’t believe you just jumped to the quote. Shame on you. Torre is trying his best to do journalism in podcast form and you just want to find out what Poole said that was so incendiary that Green punched him in the face during the Golden State Warriors training camp about one year ago. Fair enough. Here’s the quote:

“You’re an expensive backpack for 30.”

That’s a fairly well-crafted burn and as Torre points out, it touches on a lot of things that would trigger Draymond. Was it worth potentially destroying a dynasty to get off a one-liner? Well, someone will probably ask about that at Washington Wizards media day on October 2nd. And that’s where this could take a turn as Poole and Green have both refused to address what was actually said to escalate their confrontation to the point of violence.

Torre found out what Poole said because someone texted it to Edelman while they were together. Torre then spent a lot of time calling potential sources trying to confirm the quote was accurate before someone with the Warriors confirmed that “this phrase – you’re an expensive backpack for 30 – has in fact been floating around the organization as the tipping point. The thing that set off Draymond.”

As Edelman points out, this person did not know for certain that this is what was said. But that didn’t stop Torre from comparing himself to Woodward and Bernstein during a broader discussion about the journalism that is being done on Pablo Torre Finds Out.

While we wait for the followups to this report, Torre also extended an open invitation to both Poole and Green to come on the podcast to talk about it. And if they take him up on the offer, they can punch him in the face. A small price to pay to confirm a scoop of this magnitude.

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