Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard Takes Out Fan on the Field

Inter Miami beat LAFC 3-1 Sunday night, and while Lionel Messi didn’t score a goal, he did make some news. The all-time great had two assists and, oh yeah, his Internet-famous bodyguard took out a fan who ran onto the field to touch Messi.

In the middle of the match, a fan wearing a Messi Barcelona jersey ran onto the field and went up to the superstar. Stadium security couldn’t stop the fan in time, but Messi’s bodyguard got to him pretty quickly and ripped him away.

Here’s video from a few angles:

Here’s a great still shot of the interaction.

Yassine Chueko, Lionel Messi

Inter Miami CF v Los Angeles Football Club / Harry How/GettyImages

Messi’s bodyguard has made headlines during his time with Inter Miami for stalking the sidelines and ensuring the Argentinian star isn’t bothered. His name is Yassine Chueko and he’s a former Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is also a former MMA fighter.

Chueko was hired by Inter Miami co-owners David Beckham to assist Messi as soon as he arrived at the club. It seems he is worth every penny.

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