Mitch McConnell Froze Again During a Press Conference

A month ago, Mitch McConnell alarmed observers when he froze during a speech and had to be escorted off-stage. It appeared as if the 81-year-old Senate minority leader had suffered some type of episode and many were concerned for his health. McConnell’s team claimed he was fine. Well, it happened again.

During a session with the press on Wednesday, McConnell was asked about potentially running for re-election in 2026. He began to answer before stopping and looking off into space, freezing completely before a staffer and member of his security detail checked on him. It was a terribly awkward moment.

Video is below:

We’re not doctors, so we’re not going to speculate on what’s going on here but from an outside perspective it’s really scary. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch.

McConnell has been serving Kentucky as a senator since 1985 and has worked in government since 1975. He has led the GOP Senate conference since 2007, taking over for Bill Frist following his retirement.

UPDATE: More video from the press conference. McConnell was eventually led away.

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