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Fani Willis likes to repeatedly tell us that “justice is a blind lady.” Besides being nonsense, it’s also not true, but at this point no one expects Willis to know what she’s talking about every time she opens her mouth. If justice were truely blind, it wouldn’t be necessary to represent her with a blindfold on, don’t you think, Fani? Perhaps the prosecutor is referring to the mythological origin of justice — the goddess Iustitia in Rome, who is often depicted without a blindfold — but, in any case, she was not blind either. If she were, it would not have been wise for her to always brandish a mighty sword as we see in all her representations, because she could cause carnage in a trial every time she checked her wristwatch or upon sneezing. 

Perhaps Fani Willis intended to allude to the Greek goddess of justice, Dice; while her mother represented divine justice, Dice personified justice on earth. However, there is no happy ending there either: Mythological legend has it that Dice was very happy during the Golden Age and the Silver Age (I am sure that the prosecutor has read Hesiod’s account this very morning) because there were not too many wars and injustices; however, when the Bronze Age came and greed developed, such was the torment of crimes that afflicted Dice that she ended up leaving the earth, plunged into a deep depression, and Zeus set her up in the constellation of Virgo. In fact, her scales make up the nearby constellation Libra. 

Dice is the only virgin of all the Titanides, and that is probably due to the incompatibility of representing the maximum purity of neutrality and justice and having a boyfriend: It is obvious that, no matter how much you may be Dice, if your guy forgets your anniversary, all violence and bitterness will be unleashed, gagging justice to keep it from bothering, thus destroying her image of the always impartial maiden. That the war of the sexes, by the way, was not invented by some effeminate wokist.

Back on to justice — I would like to dwell on its close relationship with political parties. Politics is like a plague of locusts. If you don’t keep it at bay, it eats everything. The Left’s radical bid to politicize everything, from the weather to sex, has brought two logical consequences: the over-politicization of our lives and the division of the country. I will give you a golden rule for good government: A nation functions fine when it is divided by sports affiliations; a nation functions poorly when it is divided by ideological affiliations; a nation goes to hell when the ideological contest is fought with the temperament of sports fanaticism. 

The locust plague of politics began to eat away at the judiciary long ago. Today it has been completely devoured. Perhaps more than half of the judges are loyal to a party rather than to their own vocation and their respect for justice. The relativistic plague strikes all professional fields, and our justice is no exception; it is not divine like that of the Greek and Roman deities, but rather it is human and, sometimes, disgustingly human.

The neutrality required of a judge is incompatible with the loyalty to the acronym demanded by political sects. Either you break with politics, or you break with neutrality. Of course, Fani Willis decided long ago to break with neutrality and, therefore, with justice. She, who presumes to represent the legacy of Iustitia and Dice, is the kind of person who caused the Greek goddess of justice to fall ill with sadness and abandon the earth, leaving it for a lost cause. 

If now the prosecutor wants to make a career in hand with the Democratic Party, the only place she has ever known, and thunderously bash Donald Trump, we do not ask her not to do so, but to spare us all her song and dance about blind justice and that we are all equal before the law. 

Otherwise, Trump seems delighted that Willis and the idiots who now lead the Democratic Party are running the most ambitious campaign of his life for free. Commenting on the former president’s case, Willis boasts that her investigations almost always end in convictions because she refuses to “accept failure.” In case there was any doubt: Failure, for Willis, is not injustice or incompetence but having her ego damaged. In this, as in everything else, she is also identical to Joe Biden.

Translated by Joel Dalmau.


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