How Much Are You Worth As A Hostage

Not all of us are valuable commodities on the international market. Still, some are very attractive to rogue nations who now see Americans as bargaining chips for vast sums of money. People of wealth or power must be cautious should they venture near any of these countries like Iran, North Korea, and even Russia, as these countries now view you as an income source, and Joe Biden has just raised the bar on the value of your head.

Not long ago, America was strong enough and carried enough clout that we never negotiated with terrorists or evil empires regarding hostages. It was painful to watch as Americans were held in captivity, but usually, we found a way to bring them home by diplomacy or militarily. Since the Obama term and the weakening of America on the global front, we now resort to prisoner swaps or payment of large ransoms to recover our captive citizens. Obama, and now Joe Biden, have turned Americans into a valuable revenue stream, and Joe Biden raised the asking price again this week. You can feel good this morning knowing you are worth billions on the open hostage market. Thank you, Joe.

From Fox News:

Biden had negotiated the release of five American hostages from Iran in exchange for a handful of Iranian nationals serving prison sentences for violating sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Sources told the paper that the U.S. also agreed to unfreeze nearly $6 billion of Iran’s assets in South Korea, transferring the funds into an account in the central bank of Qatar.

Republicans blasted the deal online, with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying Iran “shouldn’t profit from holding Americans hostage.”

Technically, the money paid was not our money but Iranian funds we had frozen as part of sanctions placed on Iran for being a menace in the Middle East and a future nuclear threat to the free world. In this case, who’s money doesn’t matter. We just gave a rogue country set on destroying any country they feel does not align with their warped philosophy a $6 Billion donation to use against us. Thanks again, Joe.

This action is another example of bad decisions made by Biden and his incompetent Administration that weakens us and usually costs us tremendous amounts of our hard-earned money. In this case, watching people like John Kirby defend this move was tragically humorous. He always feels that talking louder makes him more believable as he gaslights Americans. Under this agreement, the $6 Billion was transferred to the central bank in Qatar, and the Iranians would have to prove a humanitarian need to access any portion of the money. If you believe that for a nanosecond, you also think Joe Biden has no connection to Hunter Biden’s extortion money. I might also think you feel the Easter Bunny on the south lawn is a real rabbit. I can almost guarantee there was a check cut by the Iranians and deposited into one of the dozens of Biden LLC accounts. Joe Biden does nothing that his family does not directly profit from.

This decision impacts us today. Yes, we will bring Americans home to their families, but Biden has placed a target on every American who ventures past our borders. That is the borders we used to have. He has weakened our power to negotiate, and just like Bidenomics, inflation has now hit the value of American lives in hostile lands. Thanks again, Joe.

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