Bernie Moreno Commentary: The Biden Administration’s Cynical Ploy to Stop Trump Will Not

by Bernie Moreno


The Biden Department of (in)Justice has, once again, displayed that they will stop at nothing to try to ruin the life and reputation of Donald Trump. It’s a disgrace. It’s a spectacle that belies its purpose: the Left’s palpable fear of facing Trump in the 2024 general election.

Even the numbers bear this out. A poll from Harvard/Harris just last week had President Trump dominating the GOP primary, and beating both Biden and Harris in a head-to-head matchup. Is it any coincidence that this poll proceeded additional bogus legal action from the DOJ?

I endorsed President Trump in January and my support for him has not changed. The Biden DOJ’s aggressive pursuit of Trump is less about justice and more about political maneuvering. It’s a distraction, a circus show aimed at casting shadows over Trump’s legacy.

During Trump’s tenure, America saw a resurgence in economic growth, job creation, and national security. These significant strides seem to be conveniently ignored by the Biden administration. Instead, their focus appears to be a desperate bid to preemptively strike at their greatest potential challenger.

Their fear is not without foundation. Trump’s message of American success and greatness remains deeply popular. And he has a record to prove it. The people’s desire for a return to such decisive leadership poses a significant threat to their political aspirations.

This hit job is also hypocritical. They’re attempting to smear the President on the very same charges that Biden himself admitted to when he kept classified documents in his garage, the Penn-Biden center and his home in Wilmington, even saying he has “no regrets” on how he handled them.

A little free advice to Biden and Garland: This isn’t going to work. 2024 will hold your record of woke failure against Trump’s record of success, leadership, and American Greatness.

Rather than employing the DOJ as a political pawn, the Biden administration would do well to pivot its attention to the issues that matter most to Americans: jobs, the economy, and border security.

There’s a reason Trump is rising in the polls – both primary and general – it’s because America has seen what he can do, and we want it back. He championed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, boosting the economy and creating jobs. His focus on deregulation unleashed American innovation. He brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords. Our border was more secure. He prioritized domestic manufacturing, revitalizing industries and promoting self-sufficiency. Conservative judges were appointed, leaving a lasting impact on our country. Trump’s unapologetic approach resonated with supporters who craved an outsider’s perspective.

This string of indictments reveal the one person they fear to face in a general election: President Donald Trump. They fear him because he will beat them, and in doing so, expose their corruption.

So I tell my fellow Americans – don’t fall for it. Elect the one man who will win, and when he does, will fire the corrupt bureaucrats that want to ignore our vote and control our government. Vote for Donald Trump.

– – –

Bernie Moreno is an Ohio businessman and candidate for U.S. Senate.
Photo “Bernie Moreno” by Bernie Moreno and “Donald Trump Gaggle” by Dan Scavino.


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