Justin Fields is the Next Superstar Quarterback

It is now August so it’s time to kick NFL hype into overdrive. For the ESPN morning crew, that means it’s time to start making predictions and it appears that Justin Fields is going to be a popular subject this fall. It started yesterday with Dan Orlovsky again saying Fields had MVP potential and it continued on Tuesday with Mike Greenberg reminding the Get Up audience that not only does Justin Fields exist, but he’s going to be the next league’s next superstar quarterback.

An absolutely amazing intro.

“I would like to take a moment to remind you of a young man who you may have forgotten.”

*15 seconds of resume reading later*

“Of course you know who I’m talking about, he’s Justin Fields.”

You’ve probably forgotten about one of the more high-profile quarterbacks of one of the more high-profile teams in the NFL is some real but I was told Stephen Curry can’t shoot level scene-setting, but I digress.

The Justin Fields hype train is full speed on First Take and Get Up and the Bears don’t even play a preseason game until August 12. That’s when you’ll get your first real look at Fields’ superstar MVP-caliber play for the season. And then again a week later for a few series and then he’ll likely head to the bench until the actual season starts against Green Bay on September 10.

Just remember where you heard it first. Or don’t. People often forget about the NFL.

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