Drag Queen ‘Peaches Christ’ Blames ‘Bigoted Christians’ at Google for Tech Company’s

A drag queen who uses the name “Peaches Christ” lashed out against “bigoted Christians” in a social media post after Google removed its affiliation from his previously scheduled performance during the company’s “pride” events.

As CNBC reported, Google appeared to distance itself from its original plans to sponsor drag queen Joshua Grannell’s performance at a San Francisco LGBTQ bar as part of its “pride” month events after a petition circulating among the tech giant’s employees expressed opposition to its anti-Christian theme.

According to the report, the internal petition at Google said the drag show “sexualizes and disrespects Christian co-workers” and accused the tech company of engaging in religious discrimination.

“Their provocative and inflammatory artistry is considered a direct affront to the religion beliefs and sensitivities of Christians,” the petition reportedly added and continued that the planned performance violates a Google event guideline that prohibits sexually explicit content.

CNBC reported that, while Google made no reference to the petition influencing its decision to remove Grannell’s performance from its company’s official “pride” events, a spokesperson said Google would hold a separate celebratory social gathering at its offices while the drag show would continue at its venue with the public invited.

In a video on social media, Grannell (pictured above), who describes himself on his website as a “filmmaker and cult leader,” posted:

The situation with Google and our Pride Show this year was really disappointing. My hope is [that] their queer employees continue to push for the company not to cave in to bigoted ‘christians’ in the future. #googlepride#sfpride#pride#bigotry#fakechristian-Peaches Christ

In the video, Grannell complained to attendees about Google’s change in plans at the drag event.

“We did it last year,” he explained to the audience. “It was fun and we had a good time. And this year, Christians at Google signed a petition to employees because they thought it was upsetting, offensive, controversial.”

“I’m sure it affected queer Google employees way more,” Grannell continued later in the video.

CNBC reported Grannell’s drag show “turned into a rallying cry for corporate allyship as dozens of Google employees attended, some of whom booed their employer.”

As seen in the video the drag queen posted to social media, Grannell reportedly told CNBC:

So, for me, it’s a real bummer to see this happen, but I also think it needs to be called out, you know, if you’re going to put a rainbow flag on stuff and march in the queer pride parade, but not support your queer employee and not take a stand against anti-queer sentiment, even in the name of religion, then, then you’re not a real ally.

“What they have done is said, ‘This person is not befitting of our company,’” Grannell continued in the video. “I don’t usually talk about this sort of thing. But this thing that happened with Google, unfortunately, today for this event, is actually indicative of a huge groundswell of hatred across the country, using drag queens and trans people as scapegoats, and they’re hiding behind us to distract the world from their own bulls**t.”

Grannell implored Google employees to “keep fighting and we will win – we’re on the right side of history” and added that drag queens have come to depend on corporate sponsorship.

“We’ve now created a culture where corporations’ allyship includes paying performers and paying queer people to celebrate pride month,” the drag queen admitted. “Google sets a standard for a lot of companies in the industry and in San Francisco.”

As the Christian Post reported, Grannell has been named a “saint” by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of self-described “queer and trans nuns” who promote anti-Catholic bigotry by putting on exhibitions that ridicule the Catholic faith and religious women, and desecrate Jesus Christ with sexual imagery.

The blasphemous “nuns,” who were the subject of a recent firestorm when the Los Angeles Dodgers made the decision to honor them at a “pride” event game, gave Grannell the title “Saint Fierce Femme Fatale, Mistress of the Most Holy Mass.”

Catholic groups successfully organized to boycott the Dodgers’ game at which the drag “sisters” were honored.

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Photo “Peaches Christ” by Peaches Christ.


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