Democrats Are Full Of Schiff


It may be a symbolic gesture, but the House Republicans passed a resolution on Wednesday to censure Representative Adam Schiff. This resolution passed on a party vote, but to censure a representative is the second highest penalty imparted on a House member, the highest being expulsion. The censure was based on the Republican consensus that Adam Schiff propagated the lie of Russian collusion with Donald Trump. They contend that Adam Schiff knowingly continued to claim he had evidence of the conspiracy, used the lie to impact the 2020 election, and spent $32 million of taxpayer money to investigate the lie. When Schiff was called to the well of the House to answer the claims, he showed the qualities that make him the least respected member of the House. Schiff did not apologize for his actions but thanked the MAGA Republicans for honoring him with the censure. He called the censure a Badge of Honor.

The Democrats disrupted Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy as he announced the vote tally, repeatedly yelling ” shame ” in unison. They also surrounded and engulfed Schiff as he came to the well, celebrating their hero. These people can find no low they will not sink to embarrass themselves, their Party, the House of Representatives, and their country. These people, not just Schiff, have lived the collusion lie for the last four years. They all have manipulated the system, affected an election, and used the media to collude with them.

Not that Republicans are without sin or have people of questionable character in their ranks. You need to look no further than Representative George Santos of New York. The difference with Republicans is they do not celebrate their misfits like cult heroes. But how can you explain or justify the abhorrent behavior of many in the Democrat Party? It is a nearly impossible feat, but one accomplished by the media daily.

Just this week, the media was unified in their defense of the Hunter Biden court case proceedings and blasted Republicans for their continued abuse of a man who went through a difficult time in his life and successfully rehabilitated himself. Who sends the master directive to all media outlets to ensure they have the same talking points and spread the same message? Who tells these outlets what stories to cover and which to ignore? These mainstream media outlets continue to survive the tainted news they report as fact and have no issues jeopardizing their reputations.

Adam Schiff will not just survive being censured. He will turn it into a fundraising theme. He also believes that his days in the House are numbered. His eyes are on the Senate seat of Diane Feinstein, who recently turned 90 and will leave the Senate when her term ends in 2025. The only thing that will sidetrack his plan is if Feinstein leaves the Senate before her term ends. If that happened, Governor Newsom has already committed to naming a Black woman to serve out Feinstein’s term. This sequence would leave Schiff in limbo and stuck in the lower chamber. He knows he is destined for higher office. He is alone in his belief. He deserves expulsion and an indictment. A man can dream, can’t he?

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